Madeline Loren

Madeline Loren


I am completely engulfed in my appetite for life and I hunger for happiness and fulfillment in my adventurous lifestyle . I love and embrace being a wino. I desire experience and wild adventures . But between the two of us, I can find absolute pleasure even just simply relaxing with a wonderful glass of wine and a movie

I’ve been told I am an exotic beauty due to my multi racial genetics of Italian, Cherokee and African American. Let’s just say I tan wonderfully which works great for my love of warm climates. I’m a fit woman who makes being 5’3 with curves exactly where you want your hands to be. My goal is to have you be drawn to my open sensuality and desire to please. Don’t rely on what others have said- decide for yourself.

If you’re looking for a determined, caring woman to turn the daily hustle and bustle of stress and turn it into a deep, passionate, sheets grabbing fantasy, Let me be your temporary escape. You’ll find those moments with me will have you yearning for more! Without attachment, without expectations. We all desire genuine connection and if you find yourself pondering whether we have the potential for that- let’s go ahead and test these hot steamy times together.


500~60 min
800 ~90 min
1000 ~2 hr
1200-~3 hr
1400~ 4 hours
1600- 5 hrs
1800 ~6 hours
5000 ~ overnight