Monique St Divine

Monique St Divine


I am very happy that I got your attention, My name is Monique St. Divine, a French Professional Independent Provider, I have years of experience in the adult business and that give me the confidence to assure you that as long as you are a gentleman with me, you will have the best Experience.

I love what I do and I Do what I love.

I come from a very traditional European family and moved to the US ten years ago where I was introduced to the hobby by a former college mate, since then I have being exploring many places in the world and I have found out that I enjoy very much My work, I have a very open minded that allows me to be very social and love to talk about many subjects in life, I am a very good listener as well, And a big fan of

I love to meet new people who enjoy the hobby as much as I do, and keep a long friendly relationship.

My passionate and adventurous personality have give me the key to make our Date very, very enjoyable for both of us.

I love discovering new things all the time and I love giving pleasure, in fact, that’s my Slogan!

I am really looking forward to meeting you soon and have a great time together that I am sure we both will enjoy a lot.

Monique St Divine
I have a lovely assistant who responds to emails, pms & more. Please cooperate with her so we can meet!