Ria Monet

Ria Monet

Phone: (213)835-4399
Email: RiaMonet@protonmail.ch


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Long Introductions seem a bit, much over done. So I will try to breif. I am Ria Monet, a curvy ebony provider. I am a graduate student, who studies social work. So I am a natural caring person in general. I hope that during our time together, we enjoy each other in all spaces including mentally.

I do enjoy what I do and believe an hour is just not enough for a new client. Sometimes it is all that we can have but I prefer 2 hour minimum to begin.


Booking: I try to keep the booking process simple as ever.

  • Light Screening is a MUST
  • My donation is not negogiable.

Required Information:

  • Name & Date  
  • Details about appt (desired location & time)
  • References (reputable ladies only)


  • Just Saying Hi        1hr – 500 (min.)
  • A Proper Intro      2hrs – 1000
  • Fun Escape          3hrs – 1500
  • Dinner&Dessert    4hrs – 2000
  • Sleepover    Overnight  – 3500


Ria Monet


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