Yvette Milano

Yvette Milano

Email: yvettemilanoissexy@gmail.com
Website: yvettemilano.com

It’s as if someone read your mind and created her just for you…

Close your eyes and tell me what you see-
Am I in my little black dress no panties underneath
Do I have on my Levis with a white tee-shirt exposing my tweaked nipples

Am I handcuffed to the bed or do I cuff and blind fold you having my way…
Is my black lacy garter with thigh-hi’s silky soft to your touch

Maybe my black Lulu yoga pants showing off every curve
When you walk Am I naked in bed

Meet Yvette-

Loving the attention of true romance and passion, with a burning desire to escape life with no entanglements I’ll soon become you’re confidant.  Without judgment or expectations you share your deepest desires knowing you’re safe to explore.  The minute we meet you’ll feel as if you’ve known me for years.

With a delicious blend of intellect and passion, I fantasies about how you’ll touch me and what you’ll say.  Your mind only on me, fantasy’s become reality; a weekend get-away or a romantic candle-lit dinner is within your grasp.

A true believer that intimacy has no limits or restrictions except for the ones in your mind, naughtiness is at my core.
A special woman of many talents, I’ll enlighten your life as we kiss like teenagers.  We’ll feel that spark of romance and passion once again.

With a glamorous youthful look carrying myself with ease, you’re beyond enamored.  Fun, playful and naughty are just a few words to describe me!  Being like minded you gravitate me, I’m in my PRIME and I don’t mind telling you what I want and how I like it…

Oozing a delicious sexiness (behind closed doors), I’ll begin teasing you with my mouth and as the anticipation grows my sweet big wet lips swell with desire.  ‘This is just the beginning’.