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One of my favorite things to do is learning. Learning about other’s lives, dreams, fears, achievements. There is nothing sexier than a deep and meaningful conversation. I found that this industry is a whirlpool of the most interesting and exciting people with whom I am lucky to spend a few hours or even days.


For me, a sense of connection is the oxygen of life. Be it a connection through intimacy, friendship, love, or just simply walking in nature. I have a pure curiosity about everything and everyone around me.


My life is nothing but an adventure. I am starving for life, for experience, for excitement. I create my life and inspire others. I find a fulfillment in motivating people, in helping and contributing.


I was told I change realities and that I’m from somewhere else.

I’ll fly you to the moon…

Attention! Please Beware of Cuteness Overload During a Date.


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